Aaron Martinez

President / Director / Chairman of Board

Aaron is a retired Army, Sergeant First Class. He has a bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design from Grand View University. He has served multiple combat tours in Iraq and has dedicated his time after service to several communities abroad. He is a stakeholder in creative consulting and designers for several entities but in recent years directed his passion to the film series Struggle Beyond the Decade, in response to the veteran suicide crisis .

Heidiliz Merced-Martinez

Executive Director / Vice Chair

Heidiliz is the wife of Aaron Martinez and has dedicated her time out side of her successful business ownership to serve with her husband in the veteran community to put an end to toxic treatment plans and the suicide epidemic. Heidiliz has also worked for several mortgage companies, honorary provider for DOD , CYS and services for bilingual communities.

Mandy Thompson Ewurs

Director of Operations  

Mandy has been an event coordinator for several organizations and has been involved in the military for several years while her husband was on active duty in the Airforce. She is a dedicated mother and Analyst for Merchant Bonding.

Carole Eckels-Harding

Director of Development

Carole is the owner of Finishing Touchez landscaping company and has several years experience with event planning. 

Maria Rynearson


Maria is a retiree in the finical institution with her experience serving as an accountant for several corporations in Des Moines. Maria is very familiar with veteran issues as she has had two sons that served active duty.